Based on the articles 15, 16, 17, and else relative and applicable to the federal protection law of personal data in possession of individuals, VENTUMEX S.A. DE C.V., that henceforth it should be known, THE COMPANY, puts at your entire disposal the present PRIVACY POLICY to our clients or providers, that hereinafter is referred to as THE HOLDER this for the purpose of obtaining and/or storing your data both personal and sensitive and as well as the form of PROTECTION of the same.


THE COMPANY is a legal person duly constituted according to Mexican laws which is justified by the Public Deed number 371 raised to the faith of the C. LIC. DIANA GRACIELA RODRÍGUEZ TREVIÑO, Public Notary number 16 and with work in the Plaza of Nuevo Leon State, writing that it is Registered in the Public Registry of Property dated February 10, 2003 and has its registered office on Avenida Abraham Lincoln, number 5640 in the colony Green Valley 2nd. Sector, this Capital City of Monterrey, Nuevo León.



THE COMPANY, for the development and completion of its corporate purpose, requires hiring workers and/or employees, providers of services in general, as well as promote the installation, sale, rental, armed for own account or account of third parties machinery for all types of construction and parts, maintenance of the machinery in general, both to individuals and legal entities in which at times you require the Personal Data of the representatives of the entities for the celebration of the legal contracts that have place according to the specific case.



Preparation of quotations, for the conclusion of contracts for rent, sale, service, etc to Prepare your invoice, exercising the legal actions as extrajudicial law appropriate to enforce the rights and obligations of the parties are forced to the conclusion of any contract, analysis of the prestige, financial data and property respect of the legal act that is intended to create with The Company and if any document required for the completion of the act of sale, rent, maintenance or advice in general or any service that is requested by the Client.


THE COMPANY and if any document required for the completion of the act of sale, rental, maintenance, or advice in general or any service that is requested by The CLIENT.



Analyze their capacity and aptitude for the provision of the requested service as well as to verify its efficiency in the provision of the service which aims to provide, preparation of civil contracts, forms and time of payment, etc, this in order that the service provider and provider of Various Services of THE COMPANY are in the skills to continue to supply the services or products required by THE COMPANY.


WORKERS For possible recruitment, employment application, recommendations, employment, medical examination, to conclusion of employment contracts in your case, give it to the IMSS, preparation of receipts, payment, christmas bonus, vacation bonuses, vacation overtime, conventions of the termination and on whether any document required by reason of the employment relationship with THE COMPANY. The personal data that THE COMPANY will obtain voluntarily and without any coercion on the part of THE HOLDER are not limited to, full name, landline and/or cellular, email, date and place of birth, marital status, occupation, RFC, CURP, among others, THE COMPANY expressly points out that it dealt with sensitive data, among them the state of health.


3.- MEASURES OFFERED BY THE COMPANY TO LIMIT THE USE OR DISCLOSURE OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA. With the aim of limiting the use or disclosure of the personal data of THE HOLDER, THE COMPANY holds such personal data on computer programs with limited access through the use of passwords with high security specifications, only to persons who, by reason of their functions are granted powers to do so. With regard to physical documents that contain personal data THE COMPANY holds under lock and key and safes with combination to which only you have access to the persons who, by reason of their functions are granted powers to do so. In the case of personal data contained in electronic media as well as in physical documents, THE COMPANY uses the same security measures that applied in its own information.


THE COMPANY collects the personal that by reason of their duties have access to personal data, covenants, agreements and obligations of confidentiality, contemplating that the personal data is confidential information and in your case it will be liable to civil and criminal penalties if applicable. Likewise, THE COMPANY has implemented policies and internal processes applicable to its staff, through which personal data are used by a minimum number of people, limiting the use of the means of reproduction, and being forced to destroy all those copies or reproductions of documents containing personal data that are not strictly necessary and indispensable for the proper performance of the functions of the staff of THE COMPANY, as well as the prohibition to extract from THE COMPANY any type of information that contains personal data.

4.- MEANS AND METHODS FOR EXERCISING RIGHTS “ARCO” ACCESS, RECTIFICATION, CANCELLATION OR OPPOSITION OF PERSONAL DATA. The HOLDER of personal data that THE COMPANY concerned, may exercise the rights of ARC by means of a written request and/or telephone verification or electronic by the prior presentation of our authorized personnel. Application is filed, THE COMPANY process it according to what is established in the law and must Pay THE HOLDER to THE COMPANY the postage costs or reproduction of personal data, as well as an amount equivalent to three days of general minimum wages in force, when the same person reiterates a request in a period less than 12 months and with the exceptions provided by the act. The revocation of consent that the intention is to make THE HOLDER of the personal data, you must do so by the same means that provides for the rights referred to in the first part of this paragraph and clinging to the procedure that the law establishes.


5.- TRANSFER OF PERSONAL DATA to third parties for the provision of Legal Advisory services related to the preparation of the various contracts and other legal instruments that you are going to subscribe, as well as to the questioning of judicial or extra-judicial for the enforcement of obligations. To third parties for the transfer of the rights or obligations derived from contracts signed with customers, among them the right of collection that THE COMPANY has in your favor. To third parties who, at the request of THE COMPANY, to conduct audit, legal, accounting or any other nature that require disclosure of the personal data. To third parties who perform, or to submit an offer to purchase shares of THE COMPANY or for the case of a merger or spin-off. To third parties when necessary the obtaining of legal guarantees regarding the obligations that are the responsibility of the client to the company is applicable. On this particular, THE OWNER agrees and gives his consent to their personal data including without limitation-sensitive, to be transmitted pursuant to this section. In all cases, the COMPANY will be released to third parties the content of this Privacy Notice.


6.- CHANGES TO THE PRIVACY NOTICE. In the case the THE COMPANY requires to modify the content of this Privacy Notice will, to the knowledge of THE HOLDER, for the purpose of obtaining his consent to the new treatment of your personal data, for which the privacy notice will be available to THE HOLDER at the address specified in paragraph 1. The above is carried out by applying in relation to what is established in the law itself, for the manifestation of the will of THE HOLDER, which apply only to the aspects of the processing of personal data different from those already consented to this Privacy Notice.CONSENT on the basis of article 8 of the Federal Law of Protection of Personal Data in Possession of private Individuals, I agree to deliver to VENTUMEX SA DE C. V., my personal data including, but not limited to the sensitive, to the effect that they are treated as set out in the Notice of privacy put at my disposal. Likewise, on the basis of the second paragraph of article 35 of the law pointed out by THE OWNER AND/OR CLIENT AND/OR PROVIDER agrees to accept the transfer to the third parties which are required in accordance with paragraph 5 of the Notice of Privacy of your personal data, including, without limitation, sensitive personal data.